DPA Countermeasure Developer Ecosystem

Security experts recognize the benefit of including DPA countermeasures at the semiconductor core level. The DPA Developer Ecosystem includes a network of companies which are authorized to implement Cryptography Research’s patented DPA countermeasures into their cryptographic core and software library solutions. These DPA resistant products are made available to Cryptography Research’s DPA countermeasure patent licensees.

The DPA Developer Ecosystem includes solutions from the following companies:

Athena’s leading-edge security and signal processing intellectual property (IP) cores set the standard in overall performance, efficiency, and silicon area. When your project needs world-class FPGA or ASIC technology, contact Athena at www.athena-group.com. Athena
Barco Silex provides crypto IP cores, making embedded security implementations easier and more flexible. Encryption and embedded security expertise is build up through the realization of several projects for market leaders. The ASIC, SoC, FPGA Crypto IP cores are designed for optimized performance and minimal silicon cost. www.barco-silex.com Barco Silex
Discretix delivers complete embedded security solutions to the mobile, storage, automotive, networking, office automation and industrial markets. Discretix’ suite of products includes security co-processors, security sub-systems, cryptographic cores and content protection applications. Additional information is provided at www.discretix.com. Discretix
ESCRYPT is a system provider offering solutions for all aspects of embedded security from a single source. ESCRYPT's services include system design, specification, prototyping, and product development. Additional information is provided at www.escrypt.com. ESCRYPT
INVIA provides security-related semiconductor design IP and embedded software to ASIC and FPGA designers. Our customers are semiconductor vendor and OEM addressing markets where security is a key requirement. Additional information is provided at www.invia.fr/home.html. INVIA
IP Cores provides security related design IP to ASIC & FPGA designers. IP Cores products protect silicon designs against tampering, reverse engineering, cloning and other major security threats. Additional information is provided at www.ipcores.com. INVIA