DPA Countermeasures

Overview of Differential Power Analysis

Differential Power Analysis (DPA) is a class of attacks discovered by researchers at Cryptography Research. DPA is a powerful tool that allows cryptanalysts to extract secret keys and compromise the security of semiconductors and tamper-resistant devices by analyzing their power consumption. Simple Power Analysis (SPA) is a simpler form of the attack that does not require statistical analysis.

Video: Understanding DPA

Learn about the threat of DPA attacks and how Cryptography Research's technology can protect your product.

Unlike physical attacks, SPA and DPA attacks are non-invasive, easily-automated, and can be mounted without knowing the design of the target device. Cryptography Research has developed solutions for securing devices against these attacks.

Cryptography Research and DPA

Cryptography Research is committed to helping companies understand and address issues related to cryptography and security. The following links provide more information about our technologies and services.

DPA Resistant Solutions: Addressing the growing demand for readily-available solutions that implement DPA countermeasures, Cryptography Research developed a family of semiconductor IP cryptographic cores and software libraries that are designed to protect against side-channel attack vulnerabilities.

This family of DPA Resistant solutions include robust blocks of logic seamlessly integrated using hardware cores or software libraries helping speed customer’s time-to-market. The cores provide robust, flexible side-channel resistance for cryptographic functions validated to different security and performance levels based on product’s requirement. These high-performance DPA Resistant Cores provide SoC manufacturers with a seamless solution that enables them to devote resources to differentiating features and reduce implementation time.

Patent Licensing: The Cryptography Research patent portfolio includes over 100 patents and patent applications covering DPA and countermeasures. A license to these patents is required to make, use, sell, offer to sell, or import DPA-resistant devices. To encourage education and research, free licenses are available for qualifying non-commercial use.

Services: The Cryptography Research technical staff can perform and assist with all stages of cryptosystem specification, design, and validation. Our hardware evaluation lab also performs security evaluations on security chips and other cryptographic devices.

Evaluation Hardware: The Cryptography Research DPA Workstation™ simplifies the task of testing devices for power analysis vulnerabilities.

Certification Logos and Validation Program: Cryptography Research has created certification logos and developed a countermeasure testing program to help companies identify licensed and tested products.