DPA Workstation™ Specifications

Analysis Workbench

DPAWS device interface and data collection environment

Performs interactive and scripted data acquisition and analysis, controls I/O and data transfers for A/D trace capture, protocol emulation for interaction with device under test, logging for extended data collection.

Signal processing

Tools for data alignment, filtering, clock cycle compression, trace pre-processing, and high-order analysis.

Hypothesis generation

Sort data based on predictions for AES, DES, RSA, ECC, and multiplication primitives.

Optimized DPA analysis utilities

Efficiently perform DPA tests on large data sets.

Analysis tools

  • Automated analysis tools for finding maximum variance of differential traces.
  • Waveform visualization tool to quickly evaluate power traces and analysis results across multiple trace files.


DPA Workstation

Blu-ray support for large dataset backup and transfer, 250 GB system drive, 1 TB data drive, 6GB RAM.

Includes installed third party software:

  • Windows 7 64-bit Operating System
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional
  • MKS Toolkit for Developers
  • Device drivers

Tektronix DPO 7104 Oscilloscope

Supporting 1 GHz bandwidth and 20 GS/s (single channel), 4 channels, network connectivity, on-screen zoom, complex triggering capabilities.

Support for SASEBO FPGA testing platform

Smart card test fixture

Fixture for power analysis collection on smart cards with multiple trigger outputs, optical isolation, ground and power side resistance-based taps.

Support for PCI high-speed sampling cards

Selected GAGE cards supporting data acquisition at 2 GS/sec.

Agilent E3640A power supply


  • Tools User Guide
  • Software reference
  • Documentation for included hardware
  • Tutorial library with hands-on exercises for advanced analysis

All CRI software includes source code to allow customization and adaptation.