DPA Workstation™ Platform Description

Cryptography Research provides the most powerful and flexible side-channel analysis testing platform available, used by leading certification labs and governments worldwide.

Complete DPA Workflow

DPA Workstation users can perform every stage of the power analysis process:

  • Exploration
  • Acquisition
  • Signal/Pre-Processing
  • Prediction
  • Analysis/Partition
  • Evaluate Hypotheses

Ease of Data Acquisition

The DPA Workstation supports efficient data capture from multiple A/D sampling devices and manipulation of very large data sets.

  • Interface with network-connected digital oscilloscopes.
  • Interface with PCI A/D sampling cards.
  • Waveform filtering, alignment, and compression routines.

Multiple Devices and Sensors

Data collection environment is compatible with multiple device interfaces, form factors, and sensor types.

Device types

FPGA (including SASEBO reference platform)
Smartcards and embedded platforms

Sensor support

Direct power measurement
Field probes (electric, magnetic)

Cipher Support

Analyze a full range of standard ciphers:

  • Turnkey support for AES, DES, RSA, ECC
  • Selection functions regularly updated to support new vulnerabilities

Analysis Versatility

The Workstation can be used for simple device characterization to advanced DPA.

  • Simple Power Analysis (SPA)
  • Trace pair differentials
  • Differential Power Analysis (DPA)
  • High-Order Differential Power Analysis (HO-DPA)