DPA Workstation™ Overview


Cryptography Research provides state of the art testing equipment to companies wishing to perform SPA and DPA testing. Our DPA Workstation™ is the world’s most powerful and flexible side channel analysis platform. Leading security chip vendors, product companies, testing labs, and government organizations rely on the DPA Workstation to evaluate and certify their secure semiconductors.

The DPA Workstation™ is the world’s most powerful and flexible side-channel analysis platform.

The DPA Workstation includes the hardware, software, and training needed to perform a wide range of power analysis and security tests. The standard configuration of a DPA Workstation includes customized test fixtures and Cryptography Research’s proprietary DPA software suite with source code. Customers may also obtain the SASEBO-GII board to enable FPGA testing. Each DPA Workstation is delivered with a PC, high-speed PCI data acquisition hardware, and a PC-controlled external oscilloscope. Customers also receive an in-depth training course covering both theoretical and practical aspects of SPA and DPA attacks.

The DPA Workstation is only available to established testing labs, product vendors, and organizations with legitimate business needs for power analysis capabilities. Cryptography Research can export the DPA Workstation to most countries.

The DPA Workstation™ includes pre-installed and pre-configured software packages including an option for MATLAB. The software includes a MATLAB GUI which allows users to graphically define filters and save for use by the system. These filters are applied to the measured data which can then be viewed in both the time and frequency domains.

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