CryptoManager Platform


Connected products, including mobile phones and Internet of Things (IoT) devices have a critical need for security. Robust security starts with the design of the SoC and continues with the manufacturing supply chain. The CryptoManager solution brings revolutionary security improvements to the semiconductor chips and supply chains that enable our mobile world.

CryptoManager platform provides chip and device companies with an advanced hardware root-of-trust for their SoCs, as well as an Infrastructure Suite for end-to-end security throughout the SoC design and manufacturing process. The CryptoManager platform has been developed with a services-based architecture that enables a secure, two-way communication channel across the manufacturing stages. This fully integrated solution is built on a foundation that simplifies, automates, and reduces costs for global enterprise IT, manufacturing, and operations functions.

Security Engine

The Security Engine is a high-security silicon IP core that is integrated into the SoC of an intelligent device, such as the application processor of a smartphone or a tablet.


The Infrastructure enables the secure provisioning of device service throughout the distributed manufacturing supply chain. Device services are a broad range of secure transactions, including key delivery and programming, protection of debug modes, and chip feature management. It consists of the Service, the Appliance, and the Client Lib.