CryptoFirewall™ Security Solutions

The CryptoFirewall™ security core is designed for a single mission: to preserve security, even if all other components of the system are compromised.
The CryptoFirewall™ core is a hardware-based security core that delivers an unsurpassed level of security and tamper resistance while being highly cost-effective. The core is designed to minimize the risk of security failure and simplify product development. It contains a security boundary inside a chip that stores private keys and can maintain security even if the rest of the system is compromised. The CryptoFirewall core’s patented tamper- and emulation-resistant techniques have an unparalleled track record of protecting against a full range of attacks, including:

  • Software bug vulnerabilities
  • Focused ion beam analysis
  • Imaging/microscopy
  • Reverse engineering
  • Protocol attacks
  • Emulation
  • Glitching
  • Probing
  • Insider attacks
  • Power analysis (SPA/DPA)
  • Cryptanalysis
  • Fault induction

CryptoFirewall solutions complement existing security implementations, and are ideal for protecting digital content and preventing counterfeiting in a broad number of applications.

Digital Entertainment

The digital entertainment industry requires effective tamper-resistant solutions to protect high-value content. Integrated into leading multimedia SoCs, the hardware-based CryptoFirewall core for Pay TV provides a cost-effective and robust security solution. Learn more.

Printers and Consumables

The ink and toner market loses $2.4 billion in revenue to counterfeit consumables each year. These counterfeit cartridges can yield poor output and damage printers, leading to customer dissatisfaction, support calls, printer repairs, and harm to OEMs’ brands. The CryptoFirewall Consumable Protection System (CPS) provides a solid, tamper-resistant hardware foundation for authenticating consumables. Learn more.

Electronics and Accessories

Counterfeiting is a challenging issue for the for the electronics industry, affecting products such as networking gear, peripherals, batteries, entertainment consoles, and mobile devices. Counterfeits are often inferior to authentic products, creating safety hazards, security risks, reliability issues, and other problems. CryptoFirewall technology is an inexpensive and effective solution to the problem. Learn more.