Anti-Counterfeiting Overview

Video: Anti-Counterfeiting

Customizable solutions to defend your product's authenticity.

Counterfeiting is a problem for virtually every industry where manufacturing costs comprise only a small portion of a product’s sales price. Counterfeits displace legitimate sales, de-value brands, and create customer service expenses. For consumers, counterfeits can lead to a broad array of problems, including serious health and safety risks. Commonly-counterfeited products include luxury goods, airplane parts, printer consumables, medical devices, and electronics equipment.

Technological solutions to counterfeiting can provide an effective solution. Tamper resistant semiconductors can prevent counterfeiting outright, avoiding the cost, time, and complexity of tracing and suing counterfeiters around the world. To be effective, anti-counterfeiting technologies must introduce elements which are infeasible for even well-funded adversaries to clone. As a result, robust tamper-resistance and anti-cloning properties are essential.

To meet this need, Cryptography Research provides CryptoFirewall™-based solutions for authenticating goods at risk for counterfeiting. Our tamper-resistant silicon cores provide cryptographic confirmation of products’ validity. In addition, usage can also be authenticated, for example to detect reuse of products which are only certified for a single use.