Cryptography Research Announces License Agreement with Microsoft for Differential Power Analysis (DPA) Countermeasures

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — July 29, 2010 — Cryptography Research, Inc. today announced that it has entered into a license agreement with Microsoft Corporation.

"We are pleased to announce Microsoft as our newest licensee," said Paul Kocher, president and chief scientist at Cryptography Research. "Differential Power Analysis countermeasures and other security capabilities are becoming increasingly important for complex devices."

DPA is a form of attack that involves monitoring the fluctuating electrical power consumption of a target device and then using advanced statistical methods to derive cryptographic keys and other secrets. Strong countermeasures to DPA help protect secrets used in applications such as mobile devices, banking, government and defense, pay television, mass transit, secure ID, secure storage media, and FPGAs.

Cryptography Research has been awarded a portfolio of over 50 patents covering countermeasures to DPA attacks, with additional patent applications pending.