Frost & Sullivan Commends Cryptography Research for Technology Leadership

September 15, 2009 — DPA already plays a critical role in the market, and any chip or card that does not have a DPA countermeasure is fundamentally insecure. So, all vendors utilise DPA countermeasures of varying degrees.

"The impact of DPA countermeasures in the smart card industry is considerable and it is believed that any deployment without DPA countermeasures is highly insecure," remarks Krishnan. "It has also been argued that the vulnerability could have been the end for the smart card industry. Hence, finding this vulnerability and a means to counter it is very significant."

The discovery of DPA laid the foundation an entire class of security research called Side Channel Analysis. DPA remains the most powerful, adaptive, and inexpensive of these attacks and thus, it is the primary concern of security designers.

"Cryptography Research is licensing its DPA countermeasure technology for cryptographic device manufacturers, smart card vendors, and any other manufacturer that is looking to produce secure DPA resistance products," states Krishnan. "The licensing program provides access to Cryptography Research's rich portfolio of broad patents on the technology that can reduce fraud and privacy by removing DPA attacks."

Cryptography Research is looking to deepen its commercial penetration with semiconductor manufacturers, smart card vendors, and issuers. The company understands that a license to one part of the value chain allows the entire supply chain to benefit. Within the last year, five of the top six smart card semiconductor manufacturers – Atmel, Infineon, NXP, Renesas, and Samsung - became licensing clients, Cryptography Research successfully settled its lawsuit with Visa, Inc., and MasterCard began requiring that its suppliers be licensed under Cryptography Research's patent portfolio. This year more than 4 billion security chips will be made with DPA countermeasures licensed by Cryptography Research, making Cryptography Research one of the highest-volume and highest-value technology licensors in the semiconductor industry.

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