Cryptography Research President and Chief Scientist Paul Kocher Elected to the National Academy of Engineerin

SAN FRANCISCO, California — February 9, 2009 — Cryptography Research, Inc. (CRI) today announced that Paul Kocher, CRI’s president and chief scientist, has been elected to the US National Academy of Engineering (NAE) for his contributions to cryptography and Internet security.

The NAE is a private, independent, nonprofit institution which provides engineering leadership to the nation. Established in 1964, election to the NAE is considered to be among the highest professional distinctions accorded to an engineer. Membership is awarded to those who have made outstanding contributions to "engineering research, practice, or education, including, where appropriate, significant contributions to the engineering literature," and to the "pioneering of new and developing fields of technology, making major advancements in traditional fields of engineering, or developing/implementing innovative approaches to engineering education."

Paul Kocher has designed numerous cryptographic applications and protocols which are successfully deployed in real world systems. His accomplishments include discovering timing attacks and Differential Power Analysis (including techniques for preventing attacks against these vulnerabilities), helping author the widely used SSL 3.0 standard, and leading the design of the record-breaking DES Key Search machine. Kocher founded Cryptography Research in 1995.