Cryptography Research Supports Smart Card Alliance 2005 Fall Annual Conference

San Francisco, Calif., — October 5, 2005 — Continuing its support of the smart card industry, Cryptography Research, Inc. today announced its sponsorship of the 2005 Fall Annual Conference of the Smart Card Alliance being held October 11-14 in Miami, Florida. Cryptography Research, best known in the smart card industry for its discovery of Differential Power Analysis (DPA) and its patented countermeasures to prevent these attacks, is a sponsor for the 2005 event to be held at the Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay in Miami, Florida.

This year, the Smart Card Alliance 2005 Fall Annual Conference has been extended with an exciting new addition – the first USA/Latin America Conference. Each year the Alliance organization brings together the entire North American smart card industry to learn about the recent advances that have taken place in the industry and the new trends and technology developments that are ahead. Exciting progress is being made in contactless payments, government identity credentials, access security, network authentication, mass transit fare cards, and mobile telecom and e-commerce.

“We are pleased to help advance the mission of the Smart Card Alliance through again sponsoring this annual event,” said Ken Warren, smart card business manager at Cryptography Research. “Cryptography Research is delighted to support the smart card industry, and to participate in the Alliance’s efforts to increase the adoption of smart cards in the Americas.”

DPA was discovered at Cryptography Research by Paul Kocher, Joshua Jaffe and Benjamin Jun, who demonstrated that power consumption measurements of smart cards and other devices could be analyzed to find secret keys. Vulnerable devices could be exploited by attackers to counterfeit digital cash, duplicate ID cards, pirate digital content, tamper with medical records or mount other attacks. DPA remains a major area of focus for researchers, security experts and product engineering teams in the chip manufacturing and smart card industries.

“Cryptography Research’s continued support of the Smart Card Alliance is greatly appreciated," said Randy Vanderhoof, Executive Director of the Smart Card Alliance. “Smart cards are really gaining momentum in the Americas, and our members’ technical contributions and support of our events are very helpful in helping the industry grow.”

Cryptography Research offers technology licensing, services and evaluation hardware to help companies safeguard their products against DPA attacks. The firm has been awarded a portfolio of fundamental patents that provide the basis for implementing effective DPA countermeasures in smart cards and other devices. A license from Cryptography Research is required to make, use or sell DPA-resistant devices.