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Helena Handschuh

Technical Director

Helena Handschuh is a networks and communications engineer from ENSTA and holds a PhD in Cryptography from ENST, France. Her fields of expertise are cryptographic algorithms, side-channel attacks, tamper resistance and telecommunications security.

Before joining Cryptography Research Inc. as a Technical Director, Helena spent 3 years at Intrinsic-ID (a security spin-off of Royal Philips Electronics) as Chief Technology Officer/Principal Security Architect heading the technology developments and product security architecture for SRAM PUF based security solutions; prior she spent 3 years at Flash memory maker Spansion as a Principal Security Architect working on securing Flash memory based high-density smart cards and 9 years at Gemalto heading the applied cryptography and card application security teams and working as a Research Scientist on smart card security and symmetric key algorithms.

From 2000-2009 Helena was a member of the ETSI Security Algorithms Group of Experts (SAGE) that designs the symmetric cryptographic algorithms for mobile networks including GSM, UMTS and LTE. She has published 40+ peer-reviewed papers in cryptography and security, was appointed as Program Chair of international conferences twice (Selected Areas in Cryptography 2004 and Fast Software Encryption 2005) and holds 12 patents in the same area. Helena has been involved in several European and French funded projects such as PUFFIN, PREMISE, ECRYPT, STORK, SAPHIRE, SWAP, INSPIRED. In addition, for the last 8 years she has served on the board of the IACR, the International Association for Cryptologic Research and has been appointed General Chair of CRYPTO 2013. Helena holds a position as part-time Visiting Research Fellow at the COSIC group of the KU Leuven, Belgium.